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On 6th October 2022 the Council of the European Union adopted the 8th package of restrictive measures against Russia. The Council agreed to extend the prohibition of various services and decided to include architectural and engineering services as well as IT consultancy services and legal advisory services.

On 07, 10 2022 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Sandis Bertaitis

It is now prohibited to provide, directly or indirectly, architectural and engineering services as well as IT consultancy services and legal advisory services to:

(a) the Government of Russia; or

(b) legal persons, entities or bodies established in Russia.

  • Legal advisory services” covers: the provision of legal advice to customers in non-contentious matters, including commercial transactions, involving the application or interpretation of law; participation with or on behalf of clients in commercial transactions, negotiations and other dealings with third parties; and preparation, execution and verification of legal documents. It does not include any representation, advice, preparation of documents or verification of documents in the context of legal representation services, namely in matters or proceedings before administrative agencies, courts or other duly constituted official tribunals, or in arbitral or mediation proceedings.
  • Architectural and engineering servicescovers: both architectural and engineering services as well as integrated engineering services, urban planning and landscape architectural services and engineering-related scientific and technical consulting services. The prohibited engineering services do not include: technical assistance related to goods exported to Russia where their sale, supply, transfer or export is not prohibited at the time at which such technical assistance is provided.
  • IT consultancy services” covers: consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware, such as assistance services to the clients in the installation of computer hardware (i.e. physical equipment) and computer networks, as well as software implementation services (including all services involving consultancy services in the development and implementation of software).

In addition, the Council found appropriate to extend the existing prohibitions on crypto assets by removing the threshold for the existing prohibition, thereby banning all crypto-asset wallet, account or custody services to Russian persons and residents, irrespective of the amount of the wallet (previously allowed up to 10 000 EUR).