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Acclaimed top experts joined FORT – a law firm that focuses on finding smart solutions

On 30, 07 2020 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Nadezda Paist

Merit Lind joins FORT as a Partner and Head of Finance and Public Law practice group, Kristin Kamilla Kirss (formerly Sõgel) as a counsel with a long-term experience in banking and finance, Ivo Vanasaun as a top tax specialist and Katrin Alliksaar as a counsel of administrative and public procurement law.

FORT is mostly renowned as an adviser of notable transactions (e.g. Elisa Corporation – Starman, LHV – Danske Bank and AS Selver – ABS Supermarkets AS acquisitions) and has received high recognition in the field of fintech as well as commercial real estate. International legal rating agencies have noted FORT’s practical business-minded solutions and individual approach as main feedback received by FORT’s clients.

FORT’s renewed team compliments the ambition to be the best possible partner for businesses using innovative technology in specific sectors such as finance and beyond. The fact that two new team members have substantive IT knowledge (Kristin Kamilla Kirss also holds MSc in informatics from University of Tartu) creates a unique combination of IT and law. Ivo Vanasaun on the other hand offers so-called one-stop shop counselling in tax related matters as one of the leading tax experts in Estonia. New team members bring a wide range of experience in formulating legislation as well as remarkable efficiency in solving most complicated disputes and legal issues.

To illustrate that, Merit Lind has successfully advised and represented the Estonian Government in various significant projects (e.g. matters relating to Estonian ID cards, e-Passports and identity security). Ivo Vanasaun was one of the key experts in the Estonian Ministry of Finance involved in the implementation of the unique Estonian corporate income tax regime and he has also advised the Georgian Government on that matter. Katrin Alliksaar has gained an extensive experience in the field of public law and Kristin Kamilla Kirss complements FORT’s private law practice group as having a long-term experience from Handelsbanken. Nevertheless, professional accomplishments were not the only reason why FORT and four new team members decided to cooperate. Both teams decided to join forces because of extraordinary mutual likeness of personal characteristics.

Kuldar-Jaan Torokoff the Managing Partner of FORT Tallinn office commented: “The enthusiasm and energy that the new four team members have fits perfectly to the working culture of FORT’s team. Solving complicated legal problems requires creative environment and specialists with a positive attitude”. When commenting on the main reason why four team members decided to join FORT, Merit Lind used one keyword: people. Merit Lind said: “FORT’s team indisputably consists of top experts who have shown remarkable results in advising clients on most complicated matters. In doing so, they have maintained the client-focused approach and well-being of employees. I am extremely happy to join FORT and add new expertise to its practice areas”.