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Attorney from FORT Collaborating in Preparation of Commentaries to the Constitution of Latvia

On 12, 06 2019 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Sandis Bertaitis

On the 11th of June, this year, at a solemn event held at the Parliament of Latvia, a book on constitutional law – “Latvijas Republikas Satversmes komentāri. V nodaļa. Likumdošana” (Commentaries on the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Chapter V. Legislature) – was opened, which is a fundamental research about the legislative processes in Latvia. Dr.iur. Artūrs Caics, Attorney-at-Law practicing at our law firm, has also been collaborating in preparation of this book as a co-author.

The Constitution was drafted in laconic style; therefore, the legal provisions contained in the Constitution are difficult to understand without further elaboration. The commentaries are a scholarly source of reference on provisions of the Constitution which is very valuable when dealing with practical application of the constitutional law. These elaborations serve as an educational as well as reference literature. It is estimated that the commentaries will be used not only for enhancement of the legislative process but also in evaluation of the legality of this process, for example, in proceedings of the Constitutional Court.

The group of authors of the commentaries on the Constitution comprises 38 scholars, researchers and experts. Artūrs Caics as the co-author has co-authored and provided support in preparation of the introductory part and comments on Articles 64 and 65 of the Constitution.

Commentaries on Chapter V of the Constitution is the fifth book prepared in the course of the project of scholarly commentaries on the Constitution. This project involves continued work on the final book with commentaries on the fundamental law of the Republic of Latvia, and it will be devoted to Chapter II of the Constitution.