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FORT sponsored a moot court competition organized by ELSA Estonia

ELSA Estonia organized a “Fairy Tale Moot Court Competition” for law students. The competition took place on 30.11.2018 – 01.12.2018. FORT was the main sponsor of the event and our attorneys Jaana Nõgisto and Andreas Veeret participated as judges.

During the event students had to solve a fictitious case and present their arguments orally before a jury. Court hearings were held on two consecutive days. As a completion of the first day, a panel discussion was held where judges gave pointers to students regarding fundamentals of argumentation.

Competition was very engaging and close. We were delighted to see how bright and enthusiastic the students were. It was definitely a valuable learning experience for them”, Jaana and Andreas concluded.

More information regarding the moot court competition can be obtained from Facebook page of ELSA Estonia.

ELSA Estonia is a student organisation encompassing approximately 300 law students in Estonia. ELSA Estonia is a member to an international ELSA organisation.