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FORT Vilnius has expressed its commitment to invest into lawyers

On 13, 07 2016 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Law Office FORT

Acknowledging the expectations and interest of the new generation, FORT Vilnius committed to invest time and efforts into coaching their lawyers by strengthening their skills and abilities.

Nowadays there is no discussion whether it is worth to invest into human resources. It is a must. In a different industries you can find jokes like „What if we invest in developing our people and they leave us? However, did you think what happens if you don’t and they stay?“ Therefore we must admire the needs of the new generation, which is kind of different: they decline to be just billing machines; they want opportunities to grow, develop without hiding their individual ambitions; they want to outstand in the group as well. During the interviews young and talented people give priority to the fastest way of achieving the experience, while money ends up in a third or even further place at the priorities list. We can propose everything“ – tells Dr Andrius Mamontovas, the managing partner of FORT Vilnius.

The skills of the lawyers are strengthened in three dimensions:

  1. Professional-legal skills (general – emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, structured thinking and mind mapping, innovative thinking, business approach, result orientation; special – negotiation skills, specific legal-professional abilities, );
  2. Professional-management skills (financial literacy, project management, organisation of legal business activities, etc.);
  3. Knowledge of peculiarities in organising the chosen business industry.

The lawyers are coached according to the individual plans, which are prepared and implemented with the assistance of FORT Vilnius partners, as well through general trainings.