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Arturs Caics

Attorney at Law



tel +371 6770 4080
gsm +371 2959 1104

Arturs joined FORT shortly after its foundation. Since the beginning Arturs has provided support to the FORT energy and environmental law team in various cases. In addition to the energy and environmental law Arturs is engaged in several other practice areas, including dispute management.

Arturs has successfully completed studies and achieved highest academic degree in law, i.e. Dr.iur. (Doctor iuris). His research and educational activities are focused on the issues of constitutional law. Arturs is a co-author of the Commentaries on the Latvian Constitution. Arturs as an expert participated in the sessions of the working group established by the Parliament of Latvia, where the topic about extending the powers of the President and amending the election procedure was discussed. Within the practice in FORT Arturs is also dealing with assignments related with the constitutional law and is providing support in constitutional proceedings.

Arturs is a legal adviser to the Latvian Psychologists Trade Union and the Baltic Psychologists Association and has participated in the development of legal regulation of psychologists’ professional activities. Arturs has also reviewed the commentaries on the Psychologist Law.



2014 – until now
Adviser on legal and public relations matters to the Latvian Trade Union of Psychologists

2011 -until now
Associate, Senior Associate, Attorney at Law at Law Firm FORT (previously Law Firm ADVERSUS)

2010 -until now
Adviser on legal matters to the Baltic Psychologist Association

2010 -2015

Junior Associate at Law Firm APbirojs


  • University of Latvia, Latvia (PhD)
  • University of Latvia, Latvia (LLM)
  • University of Latvia, Latvia (LLB)


Latvian Bar Association


Latvian, English, Russian


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