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Meri-Ly Karjus




tel +372 6464045

gsmĀ  +372 5108684

Lawyer Meri-Ly Karjus supports associates primarily in matters related to sanction compliance, contract law, commercial law, financial law i.e., AML, as well as dispute resolution. Other areas of activity include IP, IT and Telecom.

Previously, Meri-Ly has gained experience in the private and public sector, testing her abilities both in out-of-court negotiations and in court proceedings. Moreover, prior to joining her main practice areas were CMA and other civil law realms. In 2021, she completed an internship at the law firm FORT Legal, where her tasks were related to financial law, aviation, international law, data protection, law of obligations, contract law and corporate law. At the moment, Meri-Ly is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Tartu.



Law Firm LINDEBERG, intern

Law Firm FORT Legal, intern

Law Firm SORAINEN, trainee



University of Tartu, Faculty of Law (MA) (obtaining)

University of Tartu, Faculty of Law (BA)


Estonian, English, Russian