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Unemployment insurance premiums will not change in 2012

On 02, 12 2011 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Kadri Lensment

Jurisdiction – ESTONIA

The Government has to adopt the unemployment insurance premiums for the following year by December 1 of the given year at the latest. Yesterday the Ministry of Social Affairs presented the Government a draft of the regulation on unemployment insurance premiums for 2012. According to the draft, the insured person’s premium will be 2.8% and the employer’s premium 1.4% of labour income, salary and other earnings paid to the insured person – the same as in 2011.

Considering the changes in the economic climate and the risks that have emerged with respect to the future outlook, the Government did not accept Unemployment Insurance Fund’s proposal to decrease the the insured person’spremium to 2% for and the employer’s premium to %.